Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Embrace the Moment & Live in the Present

I have a horrible tendency of rushing life away. My consiousness is constantly drifting to what I have to do next, to where I am going, rather than being fully engaged in the moment; I fail to stop and take a minute to mindfully embrace what I am doing. In order to change this habit I have made a commitment to be fully present as I go throughout my day, to be engaged in the moment.
It is definitely a challange to reign in my wandering mind. Distraction is comfortable. However, when I fully engage myself in the present and live mindfully I feel so much better, almost lighter. The sun feels a bit warmer, the night a bit darker, emotionals feel just a bit more intense, deeper in a way, and more real. And in that moment, when I am fully present, I feel as though I am truly living, no longer rushing through life in a state of automated existance. And life has never felt sweeter.
Take a moment today to live in the present. Start small, go for a walk. Feel the sun on your skin, listen to the sounds, feel the ground beneath your feet, the wind in your hair. Truly engage yourself in the moment. Be present. 


  1. I'm the say way, always rushing around. I have to make a conscious effort to stay in the moment. Thanks for the reminder :)

    MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

  2. Great post! So true, we sometimes need to slow down and appreciate what we already have.