Monday, October 21, 2013

Here's To the Wild Ones

Here's to the wild women. The dreamers. The movers. The shakers. In a world of conformity they forge their own path and fearlessly dance to the beat of their own drum and various other cliches.  They dance beneath the moon with stars in their eyes and a fire in their hearts. They relentlessly pursue their dreams. And they do it all in heels. 
We rarely take the time to recognize these souls, those who uplift women and forge the way for independent women. I salute you my sisters and thank you for making a place in the world for outspoken women like me. Here's to the wild ones.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Diner en Blanc Takes New York

This year I was fortunate enough to gain an invite to Diner en Blanc in New York City.  Originating in Paris, Diner en Blanc is essentially a flash mob style party where the guests are all required to wear white, bring their own picnic essentials, table and chairs included, and meet at a secret location that is not divulged until minutes before the party.  Manhattan socialites and professionals alike gathered in their predesignated meeting locations, mine being at Penn Station, and ventured through the streets of New York to the mysterious party locale.  This year's Diner en Blanc was held in the beautiful Bryant Park.  The city served as a spectacular backdrop; he trees juxtaposed against the modern architecture of the city and the historic buildings of Bryant Park created the loveliest venue. We dined on treats brought from home and danced on the marble steps in the park, closing the evening with the release of white floating lanterns.  It was so incredible to be back in the city that stole my heart for such a magical evening. 

If you are interested in attending next year's Diner en Blanc visit to register!

Coming Home

After taking some time away from my blog to start a collaboration I have decided to come back to my roots and unearth The Tale of the Gypsy.  Oh how I have missed my little gypsies, it's good to be back!  Here's a peek at what I have been up to since I have left.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This Gypsy is Wandering Again!

As much as I have loved my time here on The Tale of the Gypsy I am so excited to announce that I am the co-author of a new blog, The Eleventh Dimension! I am so excited about the future of this collaboration & I hope that you lovely gypsies will follow me on this new journey. I want to thank you all for your love & support, you are truly amazing, inspiring readers! See you at my new home, The Eleventh Dimension.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Style Inspiration: Rambling Rose

I am feeling so inspired by Free People's latest look book, Rambling Rose. Haven't seen it? Check it out! The images bring to mind a gypsy village nestled among the trees, where creative souls live free, wearing beautiful clothing as unique as the soul within. The boho inspired looks, the rich burgundy & berry tones mixed with earthy tans & browns, the lush fabrics & beautiful background, I instantly fell in love with the entire concept. It makes me want to throw on my favorite kimono & floppy hat & roam around a field of flowers. As someone who generally sticks to whites and creams as my go to color pallet, this look book is certainly inspiring me to infuse some color into my wardrobe, & embrace the rich tones that mother earth has to offer.

What do you all think of the Rambling Rose look book? I'd love to hear from my lovely gypsies!
photos from Free People

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Peek at My Pinterest: Style File

Pinterest has become my go to place for a quick shot of style inspiration.  I can always find a quirky new look or unexpected styling among the thousands of inspiring images.  Here's just a quick peek at some of what I have been pinning to my Style File & a look at some of my favorite looks of the moment.  Lots of great summer festival looks, some early fall transitional looks, a little of everything.  Be inspired gypsies!

I am dying to get back into my leather & beanies.  A little slouchy, a little grunge, yet always put together.  Very model off duty.  Gotta love it.

I am thrilled that overalls are making a come back!  Always looking for a quirky little staple.  Now to find the perfect pair...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Forget The Rules

I recently came across a quote while perusing the Pinterest that left quite a mark on me; it read "forget the rules, if you like it wear it."  We are confined by so many sartorial rules: don't wear white after labor day, remove one accessory before leaving the house, match your shoes to your bag, etc, etc.  It is all so limiting, to stifling.  To me, style is a form of self expression, a wearable form of art, and a very personal depiction of your innermost self.  Whose to say we should put rules to style, to the way we present ourselves to the world.  I say to hell with the rules.  If you want to wear an indian head dress or hand-painted wooden clogs by all means my fearless fashionistas don your finest.  Forget the rules.  If you like it, wear it.