Saturday, September 8, 2012

i wanna know what love is.

I came across this amazing picture while clicking through yahoo and felt an overwhelming need to share this with you, my lovely readers.  It reaffirms my belief in love when you see a couple and right away you know their souls have found their truest mate, when you can feel the love pervading from them.  This moved me so much and warmed by self proclaimed frozen heart.  On a less touching side note...can we just take a minute and look at how perfectly disheveled the woman in this photograph looks.  If I ever get arrested, and absolutely do not intend to, but if I am so unlucky, I would like to look as haphazardly perfect as this little lady right here.  Just saying.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

with the changing leaves

I am seriously lusting for fall, and now that september has graced us with its presence I simply cannot wait any longer.  Perhaps it is the essence of change in the air that draws me to the season, the promise of something new...or maybe it is the innumerable layers that the crisp autumn air allows me to pile into an outfit, who knows!  All I know it the boots and cozy sweaters that lay unworn in my closet are a constant, taunting reminder that  my favorite time of year is so close yet so far away...

These fall looks I found while perusing pinterest are not doing anything to assuage my lust for fall...what is your favorite fall style?