Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Embrace the Moment & Live in the Present

I have a horrible tendency of rushing life away. My consiousness is constantly drifting to what I have to do next, to where I am going, rather than being fully engaged in the moment; I fail to stop and take a minute to mindfully embrace what I am doing. In order to change this habit I have made a commitment to be fully present as I go throughout my day, to be engaged in the moment.
It is definitely a challange to reign in my wandering mind. Distraction is comfortable. However, when I fully engage myself in the present and live mindfully I feel so much better, almost lighter. The sun feels a bit warmer, the night a bit darker, emotionals feel just a bit more intense, deeper in a way, and more real. And in that moment, when I am fully present, I feel as though I am truly living, no longer rushing through life in a state of automated existance. And life has never felt sweeter.
Take a moment today to live in the present. Start small, go for a walk. Feel the sun on your skin, listen to the sounds, feel the ground beneath your feet, the wind in your hair. Truly engage yourself in the moment. Be present. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Daily Style: Layered in Winter White

 Sweater: Abercrombie & Fitch Tunic:Free People 
Crop Top:Free People Jeans:Paige Denim Boots:Jeffrey Campbell Hat:Free People

From my decor aesthetic to my wardrobe I have always been drawn to the delicacy of ivory and cream. There is a whimsicality and a femininity to these muted hues that color doesn't seem to provide. And while the world outside is coated in a layer of white, I found it fitting to incorporate these soft shades into my wardrobe.

I think the key to pairing several pieces within the same color family is to find a focal point, a piece that will draw the eye and act as the base of the look. When adding layers look for shades that compliment the focal point. In this look I pulled inspiration from the weathered cream lace and polka-dots on the tunic, choosing layering pieces of the same shade. Start with a strong base and the rest will fall into place.

How do you layer your favorite shades?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Style Inspiration: Combining Rough & Tumble with Soft & Feminine

My style is a complete and utter contridiction. Generally, I stick to my signature fem-boheme look, characterized by dreamy, feminine pieces with a bohemian vibe. Take a look around my wardrobe and you will find earthy tones, delicate vintage inspired pieces, and an overabundance of ivory lace.
As of late though I have been embracing my rougher side. Pieces made of vegan leather, studded chucks, and rocker T's are now juxtaposed to my uber fem frocks. I have alwas kept these looks seperate from one another, wearing either one style or the other. However, when I happened upon Free People's Vintage Love's catalog titled Sugar Magnolia, I was inspired to merge the two. The combination of hard and soft, of leather and lace, makes for a truly inspired, unique style. No longer will I feel the need to choose between the two. I suppose I will have to come up with a new label for this style hybrid.
I'm feeling inspired by this lovely combo...I'm thinking this may have to be the theme for next week's Daily Style posts. Come back and check it out.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daily Style: Snow Day

Top:Free People Jacket:Free People Beanie:Free People Jeans:AG Booties:Dolce Vita Zodiac Necklace:Free People Apothecary Necklace:DIY Scarf:H&M

The Jersey coast is covered in a whimsical layer of white & while I could do without the bitter, bitter cold, I am thrilled to finally have some snowfall, t simply isn't winter without it. 

I firmly believe that no matter how old we get, no matter how cynical we are about frigid weather and shoveling snow, even the slightest flurries bring out the inner child in all of us; I couldn't resist frolicking around outside, if only for a minute. I instantly regretted forgoing the mittens though! Luckily I was keeping cozy up top in my favorite beanie. That thing got some serious milage this winter. 

How are you enjoying this lovely winter weather?

With Chaos Comes Inspiration

"The moment where all is lost is the moment I want to live in because that is where creativity lives. It inspires."
The Carrie Diaries

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Daily Style: La Boheme

I was given my first Free People dress as a gift for my eighth grade graduation: a cream colored frock embroidered with neon green flowers, adorned with a turquoise stone belt. That dress marked the start of my love affair with Free People and my infatuation with style. Six years later my collection of FP has grown, along with my passion for the brand.
When I found out that I would have the opportunity to attend a blogger retreat at FP's home office and meet the creative souls behind BLDG25's blog, I was beyond excited.(You can read more about my day at FP here.) So many things were rushing through my head: What would I ask the blog team? I have never been to that part of Phili, will I find the offices? But the most pressing question of all: What am I going to wear?!

Tunic:Free People Skirt:Free People Boots:Dolce Vita Hat: Lucky Brand Necklace:Free People DIY

After several outfit changes and more time than I'd like to admit perfecting every last detail, I finally settled on the above outfit!
Free People has mastered the blend of delicate,feminine and bohemian, earthy styles. Inspired by this combination, I chose a sixties inspired look that embraced some of FP's current trends and represented my personal style which is full of fem-boheme pieces.

 One of the things I love mos about style is that it has the power to completely change the way you feel about yourself. When I was getting ready that morning, butterflies fluttering away in my stomach, I felt so beautiful. I really felt that I was representing my truest inner self which brought out my confidence and self assurance. I was ready to take on the day and make the most of this amazing opportunity. With every opportunity life gives you, with every passing day, represent yourself, your innermost spirit and everything else will fall into place.

Check out some of the amazingly talented bloggers that I was fortunate enough to meet at the blogger retreat on Free People's blog BLDG25.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

To Do: Speak Truthfully

Pinned Image

One of my daily goals is to speak truthfully. Im not talking about honesty, beacuse lets be real, we are all human and we all tell the occasional fib. I mean speaking in a way that is true to your innermost self, your core values and beliefs. Speaking in a manner that parallels what you feel to be true allows you to live your life in the most genuine way. The world is filled with people ready to say whatever they have to in order to please the majority. Step away from the herd and speak in a way that fulfills your soul, your beliefs, your values. Let your own unique, beautiful truth be heard. It may be difficult, or evern frightening at first, but I promise you your voice will strenghten in time. Liberate yourself. Speak truthfully.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Favorite Things:Come Away With Me

It is so important for me to live in a space that inspires creativity. In order to do so I try to surround myself with beautiful, inspiring trinkets that I have collected over the years. Nothing beats the feeling of rummaging through discarded items at an antique store and stumbling upon a treasure, or finding a beautiful little something at one of your favorite shops. Each item,old or new, has a history and a story, making them that much more unique. Filling my space with things I love helps me to live inspired. Here are just a few of my most treasured items.

Norah Jones Vinyl
This treasure was found while searching through crates and crated of records at a local antique store. There is something about vinyl that makes Norah's soulful voice and thoughtful lyrics even more powerful.

Wild Honeysuckle Candle
The smell of honeysuckle always brings me back childhood summers spent at my grandparents' house. The moment I found this candle during one of my excursions to Anthropologie I knew I had to take it home. The sweet smell and accompanying nostalgia instantly relaxes me and lifts my mood.

East of Eden by John Steinbeck
This is the most influential & inspiring book I have ever come across. Steinbeck's writing speaks right to my soul. Every time I read East of Eden I fall in love with it all over again.
As you can see my copy has seen better days. I just can't seem to get rid of it though. The pages have been thumbed through countless times from being read and re-read. The antique feel of the book, the worn pages, the handwritten notes in the margins, they make me love the copy even more.

I have collected my crystals over the years from antique shops, fair trade shops, wherever I can find them. I am on a never ending hunt to find new ones. Here I have citrine, bloodstone, and rose quartz. Crystals have innumerable benefits and help to keep positive energy from the universe to you. I always try to keep them close by. Find out more about different crystals and their meanings here.

Apothecary Necklace
I got the idea to make this necklace from a DIY on Free People's blog BLDG25. This has become one of my most treasured possessions; I wear it almost every day. Learn how to make you own treasured apothecary necklace here.

Live in a space that is conducive to creativity and beauty and you will live life ever inspired.

Daily Style:Basics & Bold Prints

As promised, The Tale of the Gypsy will now be featuring style posts! 

I love finding that special piece, whether it be a statement necklace, a great shoe, or in this case, a bold printed scarf, and really showcasing it in an outfit. The unique beauty of the piece can really shine when paired with a more muted palate. Here the bold colors of the scarf really pop against the charcoal background of the thermal. Statement accessories are a great way to make a casual outfit a bit more interesting.

Thermal:Free People Jeans:Billabong Scarf:Free People Booties:Chelsea Crew

What is your go to statement piece?

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Peek at Free People's Blogger Retreat: Benefits of Blogging

I am an avid reader of Free People's blog BLDG25. BLDG25 is a constant source of inspiration with their unique, whimsical images and thought provoking posts. So when the blog team announced that they would be conducting a Blogger Retreat at the Free People home offices, I jumped at the chance. The class, conducted by the BLDG25 blog team, was informative and inspiring.  I took a lot away from this class and was completely reinvigorated, ready to revamp my blog and really commit myself to it.  

As the editor of BLDG25, Shani Silver, pointed out in class, bloggers have no editors; blogging is inherently free.  I think perhaps that freedom, the ability to pursue any topic, to allow my words to flow freely and my mind to roam, is the very reason why I fell in love with blogging in the first place.  Writing is an incredibly freeing experience for me, allowing me to express myself creatively and indulge in all of the things that inspire and intrigue me.  

 A look inside Free People's home office!

 BLDG25's Bridgette and some of the lovely bloggers from the retreat taking pictures outside of the Free People offices.

 Inspiration every where you turn.

For those looking for a way to express themselves, I highly recommend starting a blog.  The positives of blogging are endless...but just to name a few:

The freedom to write about anything.  Really, anything.  The possibilities are endless!

Blogging is a great way to get those creative juices flowing.  Find what inspires you and allow that creative energy to guide you!

You have the ability to inspire others!  That is a truly beautiful thing.  Take what intrigues you and share it with the world. You never know who might find beauty in your words or pictures. 

If you want to be a part of a Free People Blogger Retreat (and I highly recommend that you do), or are in need of a little inspiration to get you going on this dreary monday, visit Free People's blog BLDG25. Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let Your Soul Run Free: Remember to Let It All Go

life can take a toll on us. the stresses and demands of our day to day lives exhausts our mind, our body, and our spirit. with this year of new beginnings, i have made a vow to myself that when i am feeling overwhelmed and bogged down that i take time to let it all go.  let go of all the pent up stress. the anger. the resentments. take the time to sing. to dance. to run wild and free and let my soul do the same. breathe deep. smile more. meditate and re-center myself. remember that when life gets to heavy to simple let it all go.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Inspiration: Read Between The Lines

literature has a way of reaching the very depths of your soul, speaking to your innermost self in a way unique to its medium, and i think that is why i love it so much. when i am immersed in my favorite novels, it is like visiting an old friend, reminiscing on long lost memories. literature has the incredible ability to evoke something within me, to make me cry and laugh and feel, and i think that is a really beautiful thing.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

among the wildflowers

she wanders among the wildflowers, letting her soul run as wild and feral as the fauna. humbled by the immense beauty of her mother earth, she embraces her, enveloped in her serenity and wonder. the dirt on her feet and the flowers in her hair tell stories of the places she's been, inspiring her next journey, and always bringing her home. she's a gypsy, and she wanders among the wildflowers.