Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Favorite Things:Come Away With Me

It is so important for me to live in a space that inspires creativity. In order to do so I try to surround myself with beautiful, inspiring trinkets that I have collected over the years. Nothing beats the feeling of rummaging through discarded items at an antique store and stumbling upon a treasure, or finding a beautiful little something at one of your favorite shops. Each item,old or new, has a history and a story, making them that much more unique. Filling my space with things I love helps me to live inspired. Here are just a few of my most treasured items.

Norah Jones Vinyl
This treasure was found while searching through crates and crated of records at a local antique store. There is something about vinyl that makes Norah's soulful voice and thoughtful lyrics even more powerful.

Wild Honeysuckle Candle
The smell of honeysuckle always brings me back childhood summers spent at my grandparents' house. The moment I found this candle during one of my excursions to Anthropologie I knew I had to take it home. The sweet smell and accompanying nostalgia instantly relaxes me and lifts my mood.

East of Eden by John Steinbeck
This is the most influential & inspiring book I have ever come across. Steinbeck's writing speaks right to my soul. Every time I read East of Eden I fall in love with it all over again.
As you can see my copy has seen better days. I just can't seem to get rid of it though. The pages have been thumbed through countless times from being read and re-read. The antique feel of the book, the worn pages, the handwritten notes in the margins, they make me love the copy even more.

I have collected my crystals over the years from antique shops, fair trade shops, wherever I can find them. I am on a never ending hunt to find new ones. Here I have citrine, bloodstone, and rose quartz. Crystals have innumerable benefits and help to keep positive energy from the universe to you. I always try to keep them close by. Find out more about different crystals and their meanings here.

Apothecary Necklace
I got the idea to make this necklace from a DIY on Free People's blog BLDG25. This has become one of my most treasured possessions; I wear it almost every day. Learn how to make you own treasured apothecary necklace here.

Live in a space that is conducive to creativity and beauty and you will live life ever inspired.


  1. So true, an inspiring space is a must! Fun post!

  2. Hey chica! It was great meeting you at the FP event! Great post, I love listening to Norah Jones, especially her debut album, great music to do work with! The apothecary necklace, I remember you wearing that when I met you, I absolutely love unique pieces of jewelry, they are great conversation starters! I most definitely will try the DIY! Thanks!
    "Live in a space that is conducive to creativity and beauty and you will live life ever inspired." Great quote, something I try to live by everyday!

  3. Jacqueline! It was so great to meet you at the event. I always love meeting fellow bloggers. BTW I took your advice and invested in a tripod for the camera. Such a great suggestion! So good to hear from you :)

  4. Kate I am so glad you liked the post! I follow you on instagram, so many fun and inspiring images. Thank you for reading :)