Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comfort Dressing: Beat the Monday Blues

Tank: Free People Button Down: Quicksilver  Jeans: Free People
Sneakers: Vans  Headband: Free People
Mondays are always a little rough for me. They mark the beginning of a rough week of classes and always start earlier than I would like. (I am not a morning peron.) So when getting dressed on those dreaded Mondays I have one thing in mind: comfort. A great pair of worn in jeans and a cute pair of sneakers seems to be my go to look when taking on the begininning of the week.  I love how this pair adds a fun pop of color to the look.  I have to say the bold hue worked wonders on my mood.  And without realizing it, I added a bit of patriotism to my look as our nation celebrated our past and present Presidents. I didn't realize when I was getting dressed that it was Presidents Day.  What a happy coincidence!
What is your go to comfy look?
A little love for my readers!  You guys are the best!


  1. I absolutely love this look! I heart flared pants, but I rarely ever wear them because I feel they make me look shorter, and i'm a pretty short gal! Great casual chic look!


    1. thanks girl! i feel you pain on that 5 foot its hard to find jeans that don't swallow you. So glad you liked the look :)